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Helping Scientists Unravel the Mystery of Sleep Could Help You Sleep Better

Too many of us get too little sleep — and that’s a big problem. A higher risk of serious health issues like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease might be the result. Unfortunately, many aspects of sleep are still poorly understood by doctors and scientists. That’s because, until recently, studying sleep required expensive laboratories and cumbersome equipment. But popular personal digital devices like smartwatches and fitness wearables now make it possible to participate in important sleep research.

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Learn More About Your Own Sleep

REFRESH (REsearch FRamework Exploring Sleep Health) from the Scripps Research Digital Trials Center is now recruiting participants for an innovative new sleep study. It’s a modern effort to learn more about the physical and psychological dimensions of sleep. In the future, this may lead to personalized solutions for better sleep and better health.

Easy, Free and Convenient

If you decide to participate, you can do everything from home. Just download the MyDataHelps™ app, then use your own smartwatch or fitness wearable to confidentially share data about your sleep with our scientists. To help them better understand the data, you’ll answer some simple questions about your health and sleep patterns.

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Private and Trusted

REFRESH is a project of Scripps Research, a leading nonprofit academic institution with a focus on research and education in the field of biomedical sciences. Our researchers lead breakthrough studies that address the world’s most pressing health concerns.

As a trusted nonprofit organization, your privacy is our priority. In order to protect you, your name and personal information are removed from your data prior to it reaching our researchers. Your data is not shared.

Private and Trusted

“With extraordinarily deep, rich data about each person, you can come up with better prevention, screening, and treatment.”
Eric Topol, Director and Founder, Scripps Research Digital Trials Center

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Help out with important health research. Download MyDataHelps™
and enter the six-letter code REFRSH to launch the REFRESH study.

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