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Understanding the Relationship Between Sleep and Brain Health

About the study

Some neurocognitive diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, affect more women than men. There are also knowledge gaps in our understanding of the impact of sleep on women’s cognitive health. We are proud to announce REFRESH-Neurocognitive Outcomes in Women study, or REFRESH-NOW, a new research project aimed at better understanding sleep and brain health in women.

REFRESH-NOW is offered by Scripps Research – a renowned biomedical research organization – as an addition to the digital sleep study, Participants that are interested in participating in REFRESH-NOW will first join the REFRESH study.

Who can enroll

REFRESH-NOW is available to those:

  • Who are biological female
  • Living in the United States
  • 55 years or older
  • Willing to or already part of the REFRESH Sleep Study
  • With no prior diagnosis of neurocognitive disorders
  • Willing and able to participate in study tasks including:
    • Completing surveys and cognitive tests
    • Use of MyDataHelps Research Study App

What will we ask you to do?

REFRESH-NOW will enroll approximately 400 participants, meaning that space is limited. Eligible participants will be asked to complete a series of interactive assessments every 9 months, as well as monthly surveys regarding substance use, mood, and other topics.

What will you receive?

All eligible participants will receive a series of gift cards as compensation for activities throughout the study. Participants that do not have a smartwatch or fitness tracker may also be eligible to receive a free Fitbit device.

Join today

Interested in helping researchers bridge the gap on brain health in women? Click the link below to join the REFRESH study – once you enroll, you will be able to complete a survey to see if you are eligible to participate in REFRESH-NOW!
Join today

Private and Trusted

REFRESH is a project of Scripps Research, a leading nonprofit academic institution with a focus on research and education in the field of biomedical sciences. Our researchers lead breakthrough studies that address the world’s most pressing health concerns.

As a trusted nonprofit organization, your privacy is our priority. In order to protect you, your name and personal information are removed from your data prior to it reaching our researchers. Your data is not shared.

Private and Trusted

Let’s Go

Help out with important health research. Download MyDataHelps™
and enter the six-letter code REFRSH to launch the REFRESH study.

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